Company Profile - Ningbo Fenghua DVT Spring Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Ningbo Fenghua DVT Spring Co., Ltd. was founded in Fenghua, Ningbo, China in 2006. With more than 16 years of spring manufacturing experience, the company has rich technical production forces, and has become one of the largest with full sets of equipments spring enterprises in Fenghua.Over the years, the company has successfully provided professional services and reliable quality for hundreds of customers.

The company has an existing plant area of 5000 square meters, annual sales of 30 million, and is actively creating a new strategic production base. Up to now, the company has introduced the most advanced and professional production and testing equipments, and has a lot of experienced senior technicians and technicians with rich technical force and scientific and reliable process.

"Creating value for customers is our lifeblood. Quality is companys foundation.Innovation is our motivation." DVTs business philosophy has won a wide range of markets.


Manufacturing Experience

Plant Area


Annual Sales

Corporate Culture

Core Values
Joint efforts, innovation and win-win


Management Idea
Creating value for customers is our lifeblood. Quality is company's foundation. In novation is our motivation.

The DVT are unwilling to be mediocre and are hard on themselves; The DVT people are torrent brave and are willing to take the responsibility of pioneering.
DVT is sucessfull in cultural construction. It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred to rear people. Cultural construction is a happy career that the company spares no effort to do.

Enterprise Message

--We are comitted to make the most equitable and impartial decitions, so that every colleague share and enjoy the wealth which is created together, and dedicate ourselves to enterprise management, enviroment, and social resposibilty for the whole life time.

Why Choose Us

First Class Workshop Equipment
With the concept of technology as the support, process as the basis, covering quality awareness of all employees,DVT company produced exquisite products with enterprise spirits. In the period of rapid development, with the purpose of satisfying customers, our equipment has been continuously updated since 2008, and ended up with a modern production workshop with several first-class machines.




Perfect Detection System
DVT has a perfect quality management system guarantees product quality. Guided by customer needs, the company operates more than billions of springs in strict accordance with the regulations and procedures of the quality system during the whole production process. Strictly controls each process, and the awareness of meeting the fine products in the subtleties makes the quality of each spring get high recognition.







R& D Technology
The rapid and effective realization of customized products and the development of applied products are the main functions of the technology center. The technology center of DVT is gathering technical talents from all over the world, who have unique insights into products and processes with the concept of innovation, they constantly upgrade and innovate in technology, only for the products to be closer to production needs and the system, and provide customers with better technical support for a new era of technology.



Warehousing And Raw Materials
As the first and last link of the entire production process, abundant supply stock provides customers with more high-quality choices, clear and tidy storage is an important guarantee for less errors. With the needs of customers, we promise to deliver the most exquisite products at the fastest speed.

Main Business


Auto Parts -Restructured Car Springs


Red Wine -Red Wine Cup Bracket Series Springs


Hydraulic Series Springs