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304 stainless steel small compression spring for Valve spring

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This compression spring applied in the solenoid valve, long service life, excellent spring performance, the company can customize the full type of compression spring, looking forward to your inquiry!

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Valve spring is a kind of elastic element, which is mainly used in valves. It has certain elasticity, which can make the valve generate proper pressure and resistance when it is closed or opened, so as to control the flow or stop of fluid. The valve spring is usually made of high-quality steel wire, which has a certain material toughness and stress resistance, and can maintain elasticity without deformation during long-term use. According to different valve structures and application scenarios, the shape, size, material and technical parameters of valve springs are also different. The quality of the valve spring directly affects the use effect and service life of the valve, so it is necessary to choose a suitable valve spring when using the valve.


Product Name Custom valve Compression Spring
Materials stainess Steel
Application Automobile/Stamping /Home Appliance ,Industrial, Auto/Motorcycle, Furniture, Electronics/Electric Power,Machinery Equipment,etc.
Payment Term T/T,L/C,Western Unoin,etc.
Packing Inner packing-plastic bags;Outer packing-Cartons,Plastic pallets with stretch film
Delivery Time In stock:1-3days after received payment ;if not,7-20days to produce
Shipment Methods By sea/Air/UPS/TNT/FedEx/DHL,etc.
Customized Support ODM/OEM.Pls provide your springs drawings or detail specification,we will customize springs according to your requests

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From the perspective of energy, springs belong to "energy storage elements". It is different from shock absorbers, which belong to "energy-absorbing elements", which can absorb some of the vibration energy, thereby attenuating the vibration energy transmitted to people. And the spring, which deforms when vibrating, just stores the energy, and eventually it will still be released.

DVTcapabilities are not limited to manufacturing. Our production and engineering experts will work with your team to design and produce the components you need using all of the tools at our disposal, including state-of-the-art software, specialized equipment, and a team of subject matter experts. We even offer prototyping and tooling assistance according to customer’s requirements. No matter where you are in the design or production process, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to bring your project to life.


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