DVT Compression Spring

Compression springs are likely the most common spring that comes to mind when thinking of springs. These types of springs will compress and become shorter when loaded and can be used for a variety of applications.

DVT Compression springs are helical, or coiled, springs that generate resistance to axially applied compressive force and store energy for application. Although the compression come in a standard shape, compression springs can be coiled by compression spring manufacturers into a number of different shapes.

There are cone-shaped compression springs, concave, or barrel-shaped compression springs, and convex or hourglass-shaped compression springs. There are small compression springs and larger compressions springs. Other, related shapes, as well as heavy-duty compression springs, are also possible depending upon the buyer’s needs.

Compression springs can also be left-hand coiled or right-hand coiled, indicated by the way the coil is bent. Which way the spring is coiled typically is not an issue, but nested springs should be coiled in opposite directions.

DVT Compression Spring02The basic information needed by DVT Spring is material, wire size, free length, number of coils, travel, diameter, end types, finish, works over, works in, and maximum solid height. It is crucial to carefully consider the space allotted to ensure that the spring will function properly and avoid costly design changes. DVT Spring can assist customers in determining design parameters if only partial data is available.

DVT company's compression springs mainly serve eight industries including mechanical automation, medical equipment, valves, electrical and electronic power transmission, aerospace, packaging and canning and auto parts.

DVT Spring Company was founded in Fenghua, Ningbo, in 2006. With more than 16 years of spring manufacturing experience in Compression Spring, Tension Spring ,Torsion Spring,Antenna Spring . We are the one of top 10 leading manufacturers in Zhejiang district.

We support 7 days customized samples, and provide free samples or sample cost refundable policy.

3 technical enginners with 8 years industry experiences and 1 chief technical engineer with 16years experiences.

DVT with over 17 Years+ Spring Custom Design And Manufacturing,

It’s the Professional ODM/OEM Spring Solutions For Your Application.Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need customization compression spring.

Post time: Oct-18-2022