News - Newly bought machine for producing mechanical springs and wire forms

Improve Productivity & Precise Customization – Welcome to Experience our New Production Facilities

Spring new facilities


Since the establishment of our company, we have been committed to providing high-quality customized springs and wire forming parts to a wide range of industries such as AUTO, VALVES, HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS.

After years of efforts and development, we have established a good reputation and a stable customers bases in the market.

Today, we are pleased to announce the new buying advanced special-shaped production machine to our production line, marking a new major step in providing customized solutions.

☑️Springs and Wire Forms Technology Innovation, Enhanced Product Precision and Efficiency

Our newly machine has the latest technology, we can do the wire size minimum 0.1mm offering high production efficiency and outstanding product precision. This machine is not only capable of rapidly producing standard products but can also flexibly handle complex shaped component designs, meeting demanding custom needs of various industries.


☑️Significant Capacity Increase, Shortened Delivery Cycles

The deployment of this new machine has significantly enhanced our overall production capacity. This means that we can complete larger orders in a shorter amount of time while ensuring each product meets our strict quality standards. For you, this represents not only a saving in time but also a strong guarantee for the progress of your projects.


☑️We Invite You to Experience Our Service

We sincerely invite you to discuss your needs, whether it is conventional mechanical springs or complex special-shaped parts, the new production line will provide you with high quality service. We look forward to cooperae with you:




Post time: Apr-29-2024