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So welcome our customers from Canada and UAE to visit DVT spring


car shock springs, suspension springsWith the rapid development of DVT Spring Co., Ltd. and the continuous innovation of research and development technology, the company’s products are also constantly expanding the international market to attract many foreign customers to visit.

 So welcome about our customers from Canada and UAE come to visit our company-DVT Springs manufacturer last week.

 High quantity products and friendly service, professional technology and equipment, good industry development prospects are the reasons for their coming.

 DVT General Manager Mr Liu communicated with our customers in detail for the company strength, development planning, product sales and cooperative customers.

 They investigated two major aspects: springs and wire forming, and the professional production lines.

 After visiting the production workshop, our customers fully affirmed the company’s research and development ability, production capacity, management and other aspects of the situation.The rich professional knowledge and efficient working ability have left a very deep impression on customers.

Post time: Aug-09-2023