News - Warmly welcome customers to visit our factory

Warmly welcome customers to visit our factory

On May 23, we received customers who came to visit our factory. As an excellent spring manufacturer, we are glad to show our production equipment, spring production workshop and the strength of our company. It is great to see that customers are interested in our factory and appreciate our product quality.

DVT spring

 The arrival of customers shows that they want to know more about the actual situation and strength of our factory. We started by introducing our company’s core values, mission and vision, ensuring they could trust and understand our commitment to providing high-quality products and services. We also aim to provide transparency and clarity to the production process while building a sense of trust and credibility.

We take customers on a tour of the production line and explain each stage of the manufacturing process, highlighting how we ensure the highest quality products. We also emphasize the importance of factory quality control and safety, which helps us stay ahead and reduce safety incidents. Next, we took the customer to the spring production workshop and explained how we conduct quality inspection.

dvt spring


DVT spring


We state the criteria required to identify any defects and explain our testing machines and how we measure spring physical properties such as wire diameter, outside diameter and free length. Our clients show interest in the process and ask questions to verify their understanding.

We could feel the excitement of our customers as we entered the garage door spring production area. We show how products are collected from raw materials to formed springs and packaging. We explain the heat treatment process, the precise requirements for manufacturing springs and the coating process. We continue to emphasize the strengths of the technologies and materials we use, as well as the partnerships we have formed to access these resources. Customers appreciate our attention to detail during the manufacturing process and our advanced technology!

As expected, the tour concluded with a question-and-answer session. Customers have raised a variety of concerns, including the cost-effectiveness of our products, equipment safety, product longevity, and the environmental impact of our technology. We addressed most of their concerns and questions and thanked them for visiting our production facility.

dvt spring


DVT spring


This visit was an opportunity for us to learn from our customers as we heard their feedback on our products and delivery process. Overall, the visit was a success and we received positive feedback from customers who recognized the quality of our products and the professionalism of our team.

In conclusion, as a manufacturer and producer, regular visits from our esteemed customers are essential. These visits provide opportunities to showcase our strengths, engage with customers, build positive relationships, and receive feedback for continuous improvement. We thank all our customers for their continued support and look forward to their return to our factory.

If you need custom springs, please feel free to contact us! We will provide professional service and high-quality products!

Post time: May-23-2023